How are we organised?

Voogd & Voogd comprises two companies: Voogd & Voogd Verzekeringen and Voogd & Voogd Diensten.

Voogd & Voogd Verzekeringen
Voogd & Voogd Verzekeringen is an authorised insurance broker. The most leading insurance companies in The Netherlands have put their trust in us – we are authorised on their behalf to review, accept and administer applications for insurance policies (including collecting premiums) and to claim settlement. We also sell insurance products under our own private label. This is - in brief - the purchasing side of the business.

On the sales side, we have over 1.700 insurance brokers. They sell the insurance products which we put on the market on behalf of our principals, or under our own private label. We offer our customers a broad range of administrative services, online as well as offline. Our customer base increasingly includes companies whose products are available exclusively through the Internet.

Voogd & Voogd Diensten
Voogd & Voogd Diensten is Voogd & Voogd’s software arm. It is the sister company of Voogd & Voogd Verzekeringen. The company’s software and ICT services are specifically geared to the insurance industry. A brief summary:

Klik & Sluit
Klik & Sluit is a web-based premium calculation and acceptance program for insurance brokers. It allows any affiliated broker to compare the premiums and policy terms of nearly all providers in The Netherlands. The program has already found its way to over 10.000 users.

Klik & Sluit also allows insurance to be taken out directly. To do so, however, brokers will need authorisation from Voogd & Voogd Verzekeringen.

Klik & Sluit Webmodules
Webmodules are computation tools specifically designed to meet the needs of insurance brokers. They put these applications on their websites, where consumers can compare the premiums and policy terms of nearly all insurance companies. Some products can be purchased directly. The policies taken out are nearly all accepted and administered electronically.

Polismap is a revolutionary concept. It is a personalised and secure application where consumers can store and manage their insurance policies digitally. It is supplied to them by insurance brokers and operates independently of any insurance company. It provides consumers with an overview and understanding of the policies they hold, and constitutes a powerful commercial platform for insurance brokers.